ABOUT Simple Solutions

We started Simple Solutions after years of experience working in the field
on many different types of trouble shooting, installation and repair jobs.
Not to mention a slump in the economy where many corporations were letting people go.

There has always been a need for FAIR priced Installation, Maintenance and Repairs.

Since we had obtained years of skills, domestically and internationally,
it seemed that the next logical step was to offer it to the public, Skilled
work at a fair price with quality work.

We will NEVER profess to know EVERYTHING, but we will assure you we will do a job
as it should be done, if we do not have all of the answers, we will research
anything in question and provide you with the information you need to proceed
with your current project, whether we are doing the work for you, or you choose
to have someone else complete your project, we will make sure you walk
away with enough information to feel comfortable with your decision

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