We will be posting a listing of some of the many projects that we have been
or are still, involved in at Simple Solutions.

We have been discussing if we should create a table in here
to list our current and completed projects or simply a small
chronological page with a list of our projects...
So keep watching - if in fact you might so desire - and we'll post a
few of our jobs, with pictures when available, on this page.

We'll try a small table view first.
Of course, when time permits, we will also try to make the description
clickable with a direct link to the project, including details and pictures.
Similar to the two links we currently have below this table of a few projects.

Title Description Location Time Pictures
1 Drainage Remove and replace main sewer line. Danielson, CT 2 Weeks To follow.
2 Sidewalk Remove and replace front sidewalk Danielson, CT 1 Week Coming soon.
3 Guy Wire Remove and replace broken suspension wire to garage. Worcester, MA 2 hours. Soon!
4 KHGS Network Setup internet and local network for local business. Killingly, CT 1 Month Maybe not, but...
5 Land Clearing Clear just over half acre of trees on property. Vermont 3 days. I have some.
6 Single Window Remove old and build/install new Octagonal window. Worcester, MA 3 Days Yep, have some.
7 Multiple Windows Remove old and replace with new replacement windows. Danielson, CT 1 day Yes indeed.
8 Washing machine Clothes washer stopped spinning and started making noise. Worcester, MA 1 hour Maybe.
9 Jenn-Aire Downdraft Troubleshoot/diagnose/r&r PCB - oven would not stay on without error. Woodstock, CT 2 hours I'll look.
10 Grove Man-lift Troubleshoot and diagnose -remove and repair potentiometer. Wilsonville, CT 3 hours Yes I have them
11 Windows Virus Clean MS Windows 7 virus - install new OS - Linux Xubuntu Plainfield, CT 5 hours Not this time.
12 Leaky Basement Dig drainage ditch around house, install new drain pipes. Holland, MA 5 days Yes indeed.
13 Home water filter Install Iron and R/O filter system for whole house. Holland, MA 5 hours Yes I do.
14 Table stand Customer required low profile plant stand for south window behind a couch. Killingly, CT 4 hours Plenty of them.
15 The Website Take over domain for local historical society and maintain website. Danielson, CT Ongoing The page link.
16 Balljoints Remove and replace upper and lower balljoints 2003 Ford F250 4X4. Killingly, CT 6 hours Yes, lots.
17 Wheel bearing Remove and replace wheel bearings(left front) 2003 Ford Explorer. Danielson, CT 3 hours A few.
18 Genny shed Build shed for generator near house. E. Killingly, CT 5 hours Not yet.
19 Raised garden Design and build 16"D X 18"W X 72"L 3' off the ground. Danielson, CT 8 hours Will take soon.
20 Above ground large strawberry planter. Danielson, CT 5 days Image 6
21 This a a bench made from some old Mahogany. Danielson, CT 3 Days Image 5
22 There are more to come,
when time permits.

As an example, until we can add more completed projects of the many we do,
Feel free to look at one our home projects that was completed for my wife in the Fall of 2013.


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